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Covariance receives Best Insurtech Award 2023
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Thursday 30 Nov 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Covariance has been named "Best Insurtech of the Year" during the Startupper Awards 2023, for providing innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions to the insurance industry.

The award ceremony was held at a prestigious event at the Foundation of the Hellenic World, organized by Startupper.gr, Startupper MAG, MONOKEROS and Emea Media, in the presence of distinguished guests from the political and business world.

This distinction follows Covariance nomination as "Best Ecosystem Startup" of the Elevate Greece 2022 awards.

The Award was received by the Managing Director of Covariance, Ms. Elisavet Nika, who stated: "It is a special honor for us to receive the award of Top Insurtech in the Startupper Awards 2023. We are delighted to participate in this celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation. Through the hard work of our team, we managed in a short period of time to bring Covariance at the top of Insurtech companies in Greece. The innovative AI solutions we develop provide an explicit strategic competitive advantage to the insurance industry. We sincerely thank Emea Media, as well as all institutional supporters of the awards, who actively support the Greek innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem."

About Covariance:

Covariance leverages the internal business data of companies operating in the insurance and health industries creating significant added value for them. With many years of experience and specialized know-how of its executives in both sectors, it offers innovative products and services utilizing Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods.

In the Insurance industry Covariance offers AI-based solutions to detect and prevent insurance fraud, optimize claims management process, minimize costs by identifying overcharges and grow sales. In the Healthcare sector, Covariance offers innovative tools to develop the research capability of healthcare organizations and to minimize operating costs.

Covariance's critical point of differentiation is its expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, combined with deep knowledge of the two disciplines, enabling innovation, applicable across the breadth of these activities.

Covariance is a member of the Elevate Greece ecosystem, a member of the NVIDIA world-wide accelerator hub, the first in Greece, certified SME of the European Health Data Evidence Network (EHDEN), and strategic partner of multinational companies such as SAS and IRI Worldwide.



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